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Film and photographic transfers

Photo and slide photo scanning

35mm - 110mm slide projector photos transferred to CD and DVD

Transfer your old slide projector photos to CD or DVD, saved as jpegs files, for you to view, edit, print, email or post online

Cine film transfer to DVD - Transfer your old 8mm / 16mm cine films to DVD.

The films are transferred at our premises by an expert with 30 years experience in cine film transfer.

Tape transfer to DVD

Transfer your VHS tapes and camcorder / camera tapes to DVD.

Camcorder tape formats transferred to DVD include:

8mm | Digital 8mm | VHSc | Mini DV.


Photographic services

Photofixa offer photo scanning and light photo retouching services.

Have your celluloid film photo prints scanned and digitized to jpeg, Tiff or Gif formats, ready to print and / or enhanced.

Photo scanning up to A4 size.

Photo retouching

Just tell us what you would like to do with your photo(s) and you can upload them online via our 'UPLOAD PHOTOS' system for assessment.

Once we reviewed your request, we advise and price the work

photofixa additional services include:

Post or drop off your films, slide or tapes in person to:

Medina House

3 Free Prae Rd

Chertsey Surrey

KT16 8EG






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